Dave Gillespie Consulting

Why work with DGC?

The importance of effective communication can never be over estimated. Whether it is a key note presentation to clients, an update to shareholders or an internal management or team meeting, making sure that the right message has the maximum impact is crucial. This is why organisations around the world have turned to Dave with his unique approach to presenting and communicating and his understanding of how everyone is different and individual coaching must be tailored to personal requirements.

Relatable Teaching: Dave Gillespie’s philosophy for excellent communication and presentation skills comes from the professional theatre, TV and film industry. Dave’s approach will help clients excel at public speaking and presentations.

Track Record: Having worked with clients across multiple industries and around the world, Dave Gillespie has a track record of helping even the most fearful public speaker to develop their personal brand and deliver results they once thought were impossible to achieve.

Transferable Skills: Effective communication and presentation skills don’t just stop after their initial use. They are a transferable and invaluable life skill, the value of which can be felt throughout a persons professional career and personal life. Learning effective communication and presentation skills is a long term investment with unlimited returns.

“Dave is a real expert in his area and is able to draw on his multiple disciplines to provide
an effective, integrated experience for his clients. Working with Dave is both fun and impactful.”

Andy Harris
VP Commercial Excellence at Jansen North America